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RFC 2782 - client support for SRV records


My curiosity was piqued by Bruno Bonfils' post earlier this week:
	* Subject: LDAP Tools and DNS SRV Records
	* Date: Mon, 16 Jun 2003 11:21:32 +0200
	I'm currently playing with SRV and SLP. I found a mail from Kurtz
	which say openldap tools doens't support SRV, but the mail is old (Jan
	2001) and i've found this line :

	libraries/libldap/dnssrv.c:    len = res_query(request, C_IN, T_SRV,
	reply, sizeof(reply));

	so, I guess ldaps tools (build with dnssrv modules) can use SRV
	records. But i don'f found any options in man pages or other..

After some slightly more then casual searching through the RFCs (2782,
3088) and the software/developers mailing lists - I could only find 2
("current") references to SRV support in ldap clients.

1: Kurt Zeilenga's Nov. 2002 reply regarding SRV records w/ LDAP clients:
    	* Subject: Re: How to use Bind SRV records with LDAP clients
	* Date: Tue, 05 Nov 2002 15:23:19 -0800

	Note that OpenLDAP clients don't, themselves, support location
	of LDAP services using DNS SRV records.

2: Luke Howard's (PADL) support for SRV records in nss_ldap 
	(But oddly enough - apparently not in pam_ldap.)

My questions:

1)	Is there a reason that SRV support has not been implemented in
	the openldap client tools? More generally - Can anyone comment
	on whether SRV support is lacking in (ldap) client tools for a
	particular reason, or just lack of interest?

2)	Is the OpenLDAP community willing to accept patches implementing
	RFC 2782 compliant SRV lookups for the client apps? 

I know that there is interest in having the OpenLDAP tools "SRV enabled."
If there is no reason preventing acceptance of code enabling SRV lookups 
- I am sure that patches will be forthcoming.

Many thanks,
-John Marquart