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Re: RFC 2782 - client support for SRV records

At 09:04 PM 6/18/2003, VaiX wrote:
>My questions:
>1)      Is there a reason that SRV support has not been implemented in
>        the openldap client tools? More generally - Can anyone comment
>        on whether SRV support is lacking in (ldap) client tools for a
>        particular reason, or just lack of interest?

Likely the later.

>2)      Is the OpenLDAP community willing to accept patches implementing
>        RFC 2782 compliant SRV lookups for the client apps?

The project is generally willing to consider patches submitted
to it.  Of course, RFC 2782 doesn't provide a specification for
LDAP use of SRV records.  So, you really need to look at RFC 3088
and the now expired draft-ietf-ldapext-locate-xx.txt draft.