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What's the 2.1.x `host' equivalent? (was: Chicken-and-egg with 2.1.x schema)

"Andrew A. Raines" <drew@phg.mc.vanderbilt.edu> writes:

> For instance, my entries require the `host' attribute, which in
> turn requires the `account' objectclass.

OK, apparently the `account' objectclass doesn't exist anymore,
according to <URL:http://ldap.akbkhome.com/>, and consequently,
neither does the `host' attribute.  So, what's the equivalent of
this attribute with the new schema?

Ah, wait, apparently I'm supposed to add it myself per
Why?  Is PADL phasing out this feature?

          drew@phg.mc.vanderbilt.edu  (Andrew A. Raines)
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