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Chicken-and-egg with 2.1.x schema


I'm trying to migrate from 2.0.18 to 2.1.21 by slapadd'ing my
database in LDIF format.

The only problem I can't solve is a vicious cycle of attributes
requiring objectclasses which cannot co-exist with its inherited
objectclasses.  For instance, my entries require the `host'
attribute, which in turn requires the `account' objectclass.
They also require `organizationalPerson' for the `telephoneNumber'
attribute.  Unfortunately, those two objectclasses can't live
together (wrap added):

  slapadd: dn="[....]" (line=64): \
     (65) invalid structural object class chain (account/organizationalPerson)

I realize 2.1.x is more picky about implementation rules, which is
OK, but how do I get the functionality I need in these situations?


          drew@phg.mc.vanderbilt.edu   (Andrew A. Raines)
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