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How to know indexes are updating?

I recently created some new indexes for several attributes.  I shutdown
openldap (2.0.11), ran slapindex and created indexes perfectly.  Access
was noticably faster and everyone is happy.  Now the strange thing is,
this happened 2 days ago and the index files created *.gdbm are staying
the same size, only 2 files are growing id2entry.gdbm and one of the new
indexes has grown 10K.  There have been several users added in the last
2 days, i would expect some increase in files.  The timestamps on index
files are up to date though...

Am I mistaken?


Fernando Medina, Jr.
Grupo Financiero Uno

Fingerprint: 2F76 7CC6 8B5B C95A ED8A  0B1A 1A0A 3650 AF1E 35CB