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Very OT: Sun ONE DS v5.1

Not to troll, but in the interest of truth...

Ludovic Poitou wrote:
> Sun ONE Directory Server 5.1 SP1 and SP2 as well as 5.2 are available on
> Linux (initial release of 5.1 wasn't).

Yes it was, it just wouldn't install. Version 5.1 for RH Linux was available for download on Sun's site for about 2 months, and then just disappeared one day without announcement. When I called Sun for assistance in installing the version I had downloaded for test driving, they made it clear that there were heavy demands on their support group (associated with the new 5.1 release) and that issues with Solaris versions and established accounts would take priority.

That was a different time, and all may be better now. It's good to see somebody representing Sun ONE on the list. Hopefully, you will contribute more to the dialogue and project than competing vendor benchmarks.

On a related note, developers might want to be careful about publishing their own benchmarks on Sun ONE products as it is explicitly prohibited by their license agreement.

Jon Roberts