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Re: Request for short term help with Openldap 2.1.25 -- will pay $$

I've had similar very strange problems with openldap where I could start it fine from the command line in debug mode but not from system init scripts. Turned out to be the user I was starting openldap as did not have full read/write access to the backend database, but when I started it from command line as root I wasn't specifying a user to run as so it ran as root -- which had the correct permissions. Seems like a simple thing but it did take a few hours to track down as there were no log entries or warnings indicating this was happening. I'm pretty sure this was on a redhat server but it may have been solaris 8.

Hope that is some help.


Chris Weiss wrote, On 16/06/03 22:35:

I posted a message yesterday regarding a failure in my system.  I am
convinced it is a configuration/environment issue, but I cannot easily
resolve it, and I don't have the time to figure it out right now.

I will pay a minimum of $100 for up to one hour of assistance, with $75/hr
thereafter for someone to straighten this out.  Please send me your "bid,"
ie.  what you think you can do for me.

I will give you SSH access and temporary root to debug and fix.

The particulars of the problem are in the attachment.


Chris Weiss, Blueoak Database Engineering
PH:   517-381-9305
CELL: 517-974-5634
eFAX: 801-340-0740


Seg fault on make test on RH 7.3 using 2.1.21
"Chris Weiss" <chris@blueoakdb.com>
Sun, 15 Jun 2003 14:06:30 -0400

I can't get past the make test portion of the software installation. I need to get this working for a project, so any help would be appreciated. Having used OpenLDAP in the past, I am not a newbie, but I am far from an expert. I used LDAP with Perl to run a few applications. I am trying to do the same with a JSP/Java app, but the software is several releases newer than the last time I used it.


BDB 4.1.25 (High Encryption option)
openldap 2.1.21


RH 7.3 (all pertinent updated applied)
Dual Athalon
1 GB of Ram.
Version 2.96 of GCC
Linux 2.4.20-18.7smp #1 SMP Thu May 29 06:44:21 EDT 2003 i686

Tests I tried:

* Shut off ipchains and xinetd (rebooted to make sure it was clean)
* Built 2.1.15 with the same result
* Tried to build 2.0.9, but I believe it requires an older version of BDB
and died in the make phase.


During make test, slapd fails to start with a seg fault in the test000
script.  I get a failure after an install and I attempted to start the
daemon directly.

Relevant entries from slapd.conf:

include         /usr/local/etc/openldap/schema/core.schema
pidfile         /usr/local/var/slapd.pid
argsfile        /usr/local/var/slapd.args
database        bdb
suffix          "dc=chrisweiss.com,dc=com"
rootdn          "cn=chris,dc=chrisweiss,dc=com"
rootpw    <<< A hash
directory       /usr/local/var/openldap-data
index   objectClass     eq

The attached file is the strace from trying to start the daemon.  It comes
up and goes down *without* a seg fault.  It complained about the following

<truss output snipped>