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RE: Slightly OT: Sun ONE DS vs OpenLDAP

Hi all,
I met a SunOne engeneer and he says there is no 5.1 version for Linux. He is not sure that 5.2 version will be ported on Linux (basically Sun doesn't want to loose high-line server market that runs Solaris OS). SunOne is a well supported product but, more or less, there is no things that you can't make also on OpenLDAP server. Multimaster, chaining and so on are reliable also on OpenLDAP.
Besides, OpenLDAP is faster than SunONE, here my compare tests (all servers filled with 500k entries):

- Sun Netra T1 Solaris 8 (1CPU USpark-II, 1Gb RAM)
SunONE 5.1 (installed and configured by Sun): queries/sec: 405.918	mod/sec: 127.9
OpenLDAP: queries/sec: 547.464  mod/sec: 349.627

- 1 domain of SunFire 15k (8 CPU USpark-III, 16Gb RAM)
OpenLDAP: queries/sec: 288.464  mod/sec: 127.111 (don't know why...)

- My Linux PC (1Ghz, 512MbRAM, RH 7.2)
OpenLDAP: queries/sec: 973.63 mod/sec: 361.627

- Compaq ML370 Linux Server (2 x 1.4Ghz, 2Gb RAM RH 8.0)
OpenLDAP: queries/sec: 1822.031   mod/sec: 693.335



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Subject: Re: Slightly OT: Sun ONE DS vs OpenLDAP

I know there is a version of Sun ONE DS 5.1 for Linux, so if you feel so
inclined you can run that on Linux and off you go, you are on the same
page. For somethings - I am sure that someone did some benchmarking -
Sun ONE DS is fast especially lookups, or so I recall.

I think that Sun ONE is a memory hog, secondly their console is worth
the shits on a Sun Ultra 5 with 192MB of RAM but if you can afford RAM
and a decent machine enter Linux with alot of RAM you are okay. OpenLDAP
will do good with about 512MB of RAM but Sun ONE the recommended memory
is 1.0GB MINIMUM. I find that OpenLDAP is more standards compliant, but
Sun ONE has features like Multi-Master replication and Windows password

I guess as Gustavo says, both are decent, it depends on your company
circumstances and policies, but I guess that at the end of the day, if
you have more Solaris boxes and clients then its less of a headache to
go with Sun ONE DS, as IRIX clients and Linux clients shouldn't have an
issue !


Aly S.P Dharshi
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