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Re: Slightly OT: Sun ONE DS vs OpenLDAP

Gustavo Lozano wrote:
Rigler, this is a too politic question, and you will get an answer and
another and another, some with a very politic answer, some others with a
very inclinated fashion, and etc..

Yes. Your mileage may vary. I'd recommend to build test installations of both for evaluating...

In the last 2 years, I have had like 4 or 5 crahshes with OpenLdap, I
still want to see the first Crash of a SunOne Directory Server.

Depending on your configuration and deployment scenario there were some weird showstoppers e.g. in iPlanet DS 5.1. AFAIK these are fixed in 5.1SP2 but I would still expect some oddities. (Not to speak of Netscape DS 4.x...)

OpenLdap is very portable, you have that in your favour, but SunOne DS
is a better supported platform.

If one develops LDAP apps I'd always recommend to use OpenLDAP as primary test server. Sun/Netscape/iPlanet are rather loose. Yes, that means they are better supported by badly implemented LDAP client apps. :-(

Sunone has a better administration toolkit, the Console is fairly right
and simple to use, OpenLdap still needs a a good Interface for the

Even on Sun/Netscape/iPlanet LDAP servers I usually use my own web2ldap instead of the Console since it's much faster and more flexible.

For daily administration and monitoring I'd recommend to develop your own small and simple (web) apps optimized for your particular needs.

You also have the Cluster thing, You can doit with SunOne services,

Hmm...are you sure? What exactly do you mean with clustering?

Ciao, Michael.