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Re: Slightly OT: Sun ONE DS vs OpenLDAP

Rigler, this is a too politic question, and you will get an answer and
another and another, some with a very politic answer, some others with a
very inclinated fashion, and etc..

Well, We are running several OpenLdap and serveral SunOne Directory

In the last 2 years, I have had like 4 or 5 crahshes with OpenLdap, I
still want to see the first Crash of a SunOne Directory Server.

OpenLdap is very portable, you have that in your favour, but SunOne DS
is a better supported platform.

Sunone has a better administration toolkit, the Console is fairly right
and simple to use, OpenLdap still needs a a good Interface for the

You also have the Cluster thing, You can doit with SunOne services, but
how to do a Cluster with OpenLdap? I dont know how yet, may be somebody
can point us out..

For the rest of things, both are good platforms, If I need to go over
Solaris, I will go with SunOne, If I go with Linux or any flavor of BSD
I will do it with OpenLdap.


On Mon, 2003-06-09 at 18:20, Rigler, Steve wrote:
> This may be slightly OT for this list, but I've seen less relevant
> topics:
> I am close to implementing an LDAP auth environment for a small group
> (less than 30) of Irix workstation and servers.  OpenLDAP appears to
> be
> the obvious choice since it can run on Irix and we can deploy Linux
> machines to function as servers for relatively no cost (we have
> existing desktop machines that can be re-deployed).
> The group I support is just one business-unit of many at my company. 
> All
> of our other business-units are currently running NIS on Sun machines.
> Those that have looked into it feel that migrating to Sun ONE DS would
> be the natural choice.  That makes my group the oddball.
> Since my group is the closest to implementation, my boss has given me
> the
> honor of recommending one product over the other (he feels that
> everyone
> should run the same thing).
> Has anyone close enough experience with both products that they could
> make a recommendation as to which would function the best in a
> heterogenous
> environment consisting of Irix, Solaris (2.6 - 9), and Linux machines?
> Thanks,
> Steve
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