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Slightly OT: Sun ONE DS vs OpenLDAP

Title: Slightly OT: Sun ONE DS vs OpenLDAP

This may be slightly OT for this list, but I've seen less relevant topics:

I am close to implementing an LDAP auth environment for a small group
(less than 30) of Irix workstation and servers.  OpenLDAP appears to be
the obvious choice since it can run on Irix and we can deploy Linux
machines to function as servers for relatively no cost (we have existing desktop machines that can be re-deployed).

The group I support is just one business-unit of many at my company.  All
of our other business-units are currently running NIS on Sun machines.
Those that have looked into it feel that migrating to Sun ONE DS would
be the natural choice.  That makes my group the oddball.

Since my group is the closest to implementation, my boss has given me the
honor of recommending one product over the other (he feels that everyone
should run the same thing).

Has anyone close enough experience with both products that they could
make a recommendation as to which would function the best in a heterogenous
environment consisting of Irix, Solaris (2.6 - 9), and Linux machines?