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Re: Are you using OpenLDAP with IPv6, and how useful is it to you?

On Mon, 2 Jun 2003, Stig Venaas wrote:

> > The reason I asked is that on the FreeBSD port, it's configured with
> > IPv6, which simply does not work (slapd starts and listens to both
> > IPv4 and IPv6, but promptly drops a client connection on IPv4).
> I just tried the latest FreeBSD port (2.1.20) and it seems to work just
> fine for me. I just did

2.1.20 FreeBSD port is out?  OK, looks like the author may have fixed it;
I'll give it a go.

[ ... ]

> What exactly are you doing? Are you using SASL?

Pretty much what you did...  A client connect with IP4 failed with a
listener on IP4/IP6.  The "fix" was to swap the "localhost" lines in
/etc/hosts to put the IP4 line before IP6:	localhost localhost.my.domain
  ::1		localhost localhost.my.domain

Doing "telnet localhost 389" then worked.

No, we don't use SASL (historical reasons) but do use TLS.

[ Pause for station identification ]

Err, where did you find the 2.1.20 FreeBSD port?  It ain't on FreeBSD.org;
at least, nowhere where I can see it...

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