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Re: Are you using OpenLDAP with IPv6, and how useful is it to you?

On Fri, 30 May 2003, Stig Venaas wrote:

> I'm a bit curious how many actually know that they are using IPv6 with
> OpenLDAP and whether it is useful to you. I'm aware that in many cases
> it really doesn't matter, and some are probably using it without being
> aware. This is perhaps a silly question, I ask because I'm involved in
> a project that would like to know something about applications and how
> much IPv6 is actually used. Also, if you have any IPv6 specific issues
> please let me know.
> I think it's best if you send replies directly to me, since most won't
> be all that interested. Although I might post a summary to the list.

Please keep replies on the list.  I asked the same question a while
ago, asking whether anyone was using it, and got zero response.

The reason I asked is that on the FreeBSD port, it's configured with
IPv6, which simply does not work (slapd starts and listens to both
IPv4 and IPv6, but promptly drops a client connection on IPv4).

I need to know whether to file a bug with OpenLDAP, FreeBSD, or both.

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