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Problems using self-defined object schema


I hope this is the correct mailinglist for my question, if not.. my
I am trying to use a selfdefined schema as an addition to the
Objectclass. I selected 3 ID-ranges in the private sector:, and to define the attributes and the

All information has been stored in a separate schema-file and included
the file
in the slapd.conf. (Schema file at the bottom of this e-mail)

I restarted openldap and there were no complains about a incorrect
File. So far so good.

Adding a new entry with this new objectclass wouldn't succeed. I use a
LDIF-file for
fast adding information and testing. First it complains about a
none-existing attribute 
type "authorizeOptionSSH", but the definition exists in the schema. When
I remove the 
Line just to see what it does, it complains about an unrecogined

I added the schema-file and ldif-file at the bottom. All actions
(including new objectClass)
are done at a existing directory-database. Not using the extra class
will give no problem
when adding information.

I'm currently using the following software:
* Linux 2.4.20
* Distribution: RH 9.0
* LDAP: 2.0.27

Can any one see what seems to be the problem? Thanks in advance....

F. Wiegerinck

 attributetype ( NAME 'authorizeOptionEnable'
  DESC 'Enables and authorize an specific option'
  EQUALITY booleanMatch
 attributetype ( NAME 'authorizeOptionSSH'
  DESC 'Enable authorization for SSH'
  SUP authorizeOptionEnable

 attributetype ( NAME 'authorizeOptionCVS'
  DESC 'Enable authorization for CVS'
  SUP authorizeOptionEnable 

 attributetype ( NAME 'authorizeOptionFTP'
  DESC 'Enable authorization for FTP'
  SUP authorizeOptionEnable

 attributetype ( NAME 'authorizeOptionHTTP'
  DESC 'Enable authorization for HTTP/Web server'
  SUP authorizeOptionEnable

 attributetype ( NAME 'authorizeOptionDB'
  DESC 'Enable authorization for Database'
  SUP authorizeOptionEnable
 objectclass ( NAME 'authorizeServices' SUP top AUXILIARY
  DESC 'Enable authorization'
  MUST authorizeOptionSSH
  MAY ( authorizeOptionCVS $ authorizeOptionFTP $ authorizeOptionHTTP $
authorizeOptionDB )

dn: uid=testuser3, ou=UserAccounts, dc=student,dc=ict,dc=hen,dc=nl
uid: testuser3
objectClass: account
objectClass: posixAccount
objectClass: authorizeServices
objectClass: top
objectClass: shadowAccount
authorizeOptionSSH: TRUE
authorizeOptionCVS: TRUE
userPassword:: testtest
loginShell: /bin/bash
uidNumber: 500
gidNumber: 100
shadowMax: 99999
objectClass: top
gecos: Test User
shadowLastChange: 12180
cn: Test User LDAP
homeDirectory: /home/accounts/t/testuser3
shadowWarning: 7