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Any good free LDAP server for Windows?

I am very new to LDAP, and I am wondering if we have any free LDAP server for windows 2000?

Well, I did find one at http://www.fivesight.com/downloads/openldap.asp and installed it on my Win2K system.  It also seems to be running.  This version is claimed to be a Windows version of what we have at http://www.openldap.org/ .

fivesight.com does not seem to have a doc for this version.  So I follow the doc of openldap, only to find that the syntax does match.

And when I finally figured out how to use it, I got this error when I was trying to do slapadd:

C:\openldap>slapadd -v -c -d 1 -f c:\openldap\slapd.conf -b "dc=example" -l example.ldif
slapadd init: initiated tool.
slapadd: slap_init no backend for "dc=example"

What does it mean to say "no backend for blah blah"?  Does it mean the database for this LDAP server is not available?  I am not sure about this, because I just installed the binary version from fivesight.com.


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