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Re: Ldap with kerberos


"Rahul" <shadhanker@gmx.net> writes:

> Hello Dieter,
> Thanks for your reply.
> I have built sasl with kerberos.
> i.e --enable-krb4
> Do you mean want to use --enable-gssapi too in sasl built?
> and also im having one doubt.
> We are using kerberos 4 in sasl. Whether  we want to use kerberos 4 in
> openldap or kerberos 5 .

You never mentioned that you use krb-4, in your initial mail you
stated, kerberos: ---mit kerberos V.
GSSAPI is a Kerberos V mechanism, so SASL can't use this mechanism
with krb-4. 
> I'm using --enable-kerberos in openldap, by specifying env variable to
> kerberos 5 include fils and library files.(i.e krb5).

That is, you have not compiled OpenLDAP with libkrb4 but with libkrb5
only. That wouldn't work with krb-4.
> plz guide me to get authentcated openldap with kerberos asap.

Either compile OpenLDAP with libkrb4, or compile cyrus-sasl with

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