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Speeding up queries ... or am I doing it the wrong way?

I would like to display a list if users within in a given groupOfUniqueNames
given the cn of that group.  So, I query for the members of the group:

ldapsearch -LLL '(&(objectClass=groupofUniqueNames)(cn=iipga))' uniqueMember

... process the data a bit, then for each result, get the user's info:

ldapsearch -LLL -b $dn '(objectClass=*)'

The second query takes about a half second for each user in the group,
which means that the listing takes 30 seconds for a 60-user group,
which is too long.

I've tried to speed things up by not re-opening the connection for
each user search, but it doesn't seem to help.

I've got indices:

index   objectClass     pres,eq
index   cn,sn,uid,gidNumber,uidNumber,memberUid eq
index   uniqueMember    pres,eq

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance,

John Ziniti