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Re: Adding attributes (in a massive way)....

On Mar 19 at 8:52pm, Peter Marschall wrote:

> Hi,
> On Wednesday 19 March 2003 20:41, you wrote:
> > I agree with Frank on this method.  I have changes each day to a 14K
> > user directory, and I replace the whole database each evening in a
> > matter of minutes.  I therefore have a perfectly synchronized
> > master/slave pair.
> >
> > One difference between Frank's method and mine, I don't do the slapcat,
> > I build an ldif file from a global /etc/passwd.
> If you can live with service interruptions (while reloading) and changing IDs
> (entryUUID) ...

Master/Slave with a heartbeat failover.  Turn off the heartbeat on the
master and the slave takes over the shared address.  wait a minute or so
for existing queries to finish on the master before killing off the
process.  No service interruption.

OpenLDAP 2.0 doesn't have entryUUID so that's not a problem (yet).  As I
progress with developing the rollout of 2.1, I expect to modify my perl
code to create the entryUUID's as well (it already creates the
creat*/modif* attributes when it creates a new entry) -- I also expect
slapcat (as the documentation of this hasn't changed) to continue to
blindly put in whatever I give it.  Since the ldif I'm loading already
will have entryUUID attributes, I don't expect slapcat to be creating
them, just honoring what's there...

> Both methods have their advantages and disadvantages.
> Peter

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