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Re: Adding attributes (in a massive way)....

I agree with Frank on this method.  I have changes each day to a 14K
user directory, and I replace the whole database each evening in a
matter of minutes.  I therefore have a perfectly synchronized
master/slave pair.  

One difference between Frank's method and mine, I don't do the slapcat,
I build an ldif file from a global /etc/passwd.

On Wed, 2003-03-19 at 14:03, Frank Swasey wrote:
> Today at 3:44pm, Peter Marschall wrote:
> > I cannot believe tthe numbers for the ldapmodify.
> > Did you actually measure them ?
> I did not measure a full 54000 entry modification.  I have sat for HOURS 
> and watched an ldapmodify spew forth one "updating xxx" per second when 
> I made massive changes (defined as run a slapcat, process with a perl 
> script to generate the ldif to update everyone, run ldapmodify on that 
> ldif).  I have long since given up doing things that way.  
> Now, instead of writing a perl script using Net::LDAP to bind, 
> search/update (all entries), unbind.  I write a perl script using 
> Net::LDAP to read the ldif file generated by slapcat, make the updates, 
> write a new ldif file, then I run slapadd to replace the whole 
> directory.  It has proven to be just plain faster in my environment.
> It's been about six months since I even tried the "live update" process 
> for anything more than a few entries.
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