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Re: Open ldap with a parent server?

tir, 2003-03-18 kl. 18:52 skrev jamie:
> We are trying to migrate away from Novell for a few reasons. But we are not
> ready to move the staff.. Just the students for now.
> Another reason I want to use openldap instead of edirectory is the support
> is better.. At least that¹s what I have found ;)

Fair enough. 'man slapd.conf' for Openldap 2.1.16 (I can't go back to
previous versions) gives:

# We serve small clients that do not handle referrals,
# so handle remote lookups on their behalf.

database  ldap
suffix    ""
uri       ldap://ldap.some-server.com/
lastmod   off

Note that the suffix is empty, should presumably (don't know for sure)
be the same as your local one.




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