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Re: test of SASL DIGEST-MD5 mechanism

tir, 2003-03-18 kl. 20:16 skrev Cindy Wang:

> ================== slapd.conf ====================
> password-hash   {CLEARTEXT}
> sasl-regexp
>         uid=(.*),cn=rtp.KiNETWORKS.com,cn=digest-md5,cn=auth
>         uid=$1,cn=enigneer,dc=rtp,dc=KiNETWORKS,dc=com
> ================================================
> Could anyone tell if anything is wrong with the above sasl-regexp  mapping?

The ldif seems o.k. Basically, your DIT doesn't need to differ from a
standard DIT. The ldapsearch command line looks o.k. too. If you have
the correct base in ldap.conf/ldaprc, you can leave the base out in the
ldapsearch command.

In slapd.conf, try:

sasl-regexp "uid=(.*),cn=digest-md5,cn=auth"

Presuming ldap is available on port 389.




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