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Re: Open ldap with a parent server?

We are trying to migrate away from Novell for a few reasons. But we are not
ready to move the staff.. Just the students for now.

Another reason I want to use openldap instead of edirectory is the support
is better.. At least that¹s what I have found ;)

- Jamie

On 3/18/03 2:45 AM, "Tony Earnshaw" <tonni@billy.demon.nl> wrote:

> tir, 2003-03-18 kl. 00:15 skrev jamie:
>> We are currently using openldap to bind auth the students at our school. We
>> have Novell edirectory doing bind auth for teachers and other staff members.
>> Is their any for openldap to look for a users record in its DB and if it
>> doesn't find it query the edirectory server?
>> This way we could have computers in the lab available to all with out
>> messing with the teachers accounts.
> Use an Openldap referral? use nldap.nlm on the NetWare machine.
> But why don't you use eDirectory for all LDAP stuff? If you use the
> nldap nlm, that will be possible. If you want to replicate the directory
> over several platforms, you can do that on Linux, Solaris and Windows
> machines - eDirectory is available for all of them.
> Best,
> Tony