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Re: slapd-bdb cachesize

--On Thursday, March 13, 2003 7:46 PM +0100 Tino Lange <Tino.Lange@isg.de> wrote:

> > There appears to be a memory leak in slapd related to modifying
> > entries, adding new values to attributes. I've fixed it in CVS HEAD.
> > The fix for 2.1.15 is a bit different, will appear later.

> Does this mean that all versions of Openldap prior to what is
> currently in HEAD has this memory leak?  I.e., does 2.1.14 have this
> leak? Will a 2.1.16 release be imminent?

Probably all versions since 2.1.5, from what I can tell. 2.1.16 is
imminent, yes.


hmm, but I reported my memory leak (and it obiously is one...) with
2.1.12 - so somehow it must be there, too.
Can you give some more details about what you found?

Tino, his assertion that it has occurred in every release since 2.1.5 seems to imply that it would be present in 2.1.12... What exactly is your question? :)


a) Does it have an ITS number I can watch? So I don't have to bother you or the list...

b) If I change the database type, let's say from BDB to LDBM, is this a
workaround? Or is the Memory leak "general" and will affect all backend

From what Howard told me earlier, this memory leak affects all backends.
However, I reported an ITS about BDB database corruption that is rather serious if you are using the BDB backend (See ITS #2368).

c) I really would like to try a new version, but as already written in my last mail, the tcl-interface seems to support only <= 2.1.12. I could not compile against newer version. Will it be updated, too? Otherwise I can't upgrade or test your version... Or will there be a bugfix branch for 2.1.12?

I just would like to know if there's any workaround possible in the
meantime or if I should to "sit and wait" until you release a new
version. I'm not in a hurry and willing to wait, just want to know what
your plans are...
At the moment I restart OpenLDAP every second day....

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