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Re: slapd-bdb cachesize

On Thu, 13 Mar 2003, Tino Lange wrote:

> > > > There appears to be a memory leak in slapd related to modifying entries,
> > > > adding new values to attributes. I've fixed it in CVS HEAD. The fix for
> > > > 2.1.15 is a bit different, will appear later.
> > > Does this mean that all versions of Openldap prior to what is
> > > currently in HEAD has this memory leak?  I.e., does 2.1.14 have this leak?
> > > Will a 2.1.16 release be imminent?
> > Probably all versions since 2.1.5, from what I can tell. 2.1.16 is imminent,
> > yes.
> Howard,
> hmm, but I reported my memory leak (and it obiously is one...) with
> 2.1.12 - so somehow it must be there, too.
> Can you give some more details about what you found?
> a) Does it have an ITS number I can watch? So I don't have to bother you
> or the list...
> b) If I change the database type, let's say from BDB to LDBM, is this a
> workaround? Or is the Memory leak "general" and will affect all backend
> types?
> c) I really would like to try a new version, but as already written in
> my last mail, the tcl-interface seems to support only <= 2.1.12. I could
> not compile against newer version. Will it be updated, too? Otherwise I
> can't upgrade or test your version... Or will there be a bugfix branch
> for 2.1.12?

Keep the current ldaptcl binary around along with lib(ldap|lber) 2.1.12
shared libs or build ldaptcl statically.  This binary should connect fine
to any ldap server.

> I just would like to know if there's any workaround possible in the
> meantime or if I should to "sit and wait" until you release a new
> version. I'm not in a hurry and willing to wait, just want to know what
> your plans are...
> At the moment I restart OpenLDAP every second day....
> Thanks a lot for your effort and your help!
> Best regards
> Tino