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Re: Public LDAP Servers

Matthew Munz wrote:
I am a Java Devleloper and a LDAP beginner. To get familiar with LDAP, I'd like to simply use an LDAP client to browse a public LDAP server. Google returned a few lists of servers, but I am unable to browse any of them using the LDAP client I downloaded, JXBrowser. Could someone on this list provide me with a known good combination of client + public server that I can use (JXBrowser preferred for the client).

I found a good list of public servers at:


If you just want to search a directory, Mozilla makes a good client :)
Browsing public servers, especially big ones, can be problematic because most (sensible) administrators put size and lookthrough limits on their data.

If you want to see an example of Java code that searches public servers, may I recommend my own:


Jon Roberts