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Public LDAP Servers

Hi all,

  I am a Java Devleloper and a LDAP beginner.  To get familiar with LDAP, I'd like to simply use an LDAP client to browse a public LDAP server.  Google returned a few lists of servers, but I am unable to browse any of them using the LDAP client I downloaded, JXBrowser.  Could someone on this list provide me with a known good combination of client + public server that I can use (JXBrowser preferred for the client).

  BTW, I am aware that this message might be slightly OT, but I am unable to get any response from the umich listserver -- if there's another active list for general LDAP discussion, I'd love to know about it.  In any case, I'm not the only person at my company that's interested in LDAP, and I'd like us to use OpenLDAP if at all possible, so any help from this list would be greatly appreciated.

  - Matt Munz

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