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slapd memory usage (was: Re: BDB log.xxx Files)

Tino Lange wrote:

2) You didn't say anything to the 224 MB memory usage for such a small
DB? Or is this related to not-checkpointing (releasing) the logs?

You didn't say anything about what platform you're running on, how many
threads slapd has configured, etc. As such, there's not enough information
here to make a meaningful comment about memory usage.

It's a RedHat 7.3 Linux SMP system. I'll give you more details about the
configuration tomorrow. I don't have access to the machine from here...

Hi again!

After making the changes with the
checkpoint 10240 60
I wanted to give the slapd some time after restart to monitor its memory usage again, but it's again growing in time.

Here once again some words about the database itself:

- LDAP Server mainly serving as E-Mail Adressbook for Netscape/Mozilla/Outlook Express Clients.
- contains about 250 Entries, wich are
- updated via a script every 20 minutes.
- The Database has indices over
index objectClass eq
index cn,sn,givenName,mail pres,eq,approx,sub

As you can see the database is really small. Just some entries.

The computer on which it runs is:
Linux RedHat 7.3 SMP, 2x700 Mhz PIII, 1GB Memory.

slapd.conf contains no option about the number of slpad-Processes.
At the moment 5 are running.

After starting (yesterday 9.00h) slapd uses about 2.5 MB, one day later it's about 20 MB, now (15.55h) its about 23 MB. It's constantly growing.
The same I observed before - I wrote that after about two weeks we had a 250 MB slapd.

I know it will grow because of caching, inedxing and so on - but THAT much?

We're running openldap-stable-2.1.12 with Berkely DB 4.1.25 here, database type bdb, everything compiled on the machine itself.

Can I help with some more information?
Best regards