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Re: Segmentation fault on 2.1.13

tor, 2003-02-27 kl. 10:44 skrev Tony Earnshaw:

> A couple of days ago I found checkinstall, which makes rpms on the fly from
> any compiled source code. A die hard Unix (SVR4) fan warned me to steer
> clear of it, but nonetheless I'm playing around carefully with the latest
> beta version, which presumably he hadn't tried. The aim is to be able to use
> --force --nodeps with a quiet heart :-)
> http://checkinstall.izto.org/files/source
> "Proper Unix people" use 'stow' for avoiding conflicts, but 'stow'
> doesn't solve rpm problems.

Shoot - I forgot to mention that it might not work with glibc 3 - I'm
still using 2.4.




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