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Re: OpenLDAP in Production FUD

> In the Computing Services at the University of Oxford we are currently
> running OpenLDAP to support a user database of approx 30000 users for a
> mailstore cluster called Herald.  This is a critical core service and
> might be considered the equivalent of a 'business application'.
I agree. I think it is a cop out. Open Source is ready for the 
Enterprise. Whereas some of the closed loop stuff is not really.
Since my 24/7 experience with open over the past decade+ has told
me it is much more creative. It gives more than it receives. 
I have heard from reliable sources its implied use with over 
50-80k users. So I seriously doubt that it is a problem. That is 
why I want to get up to speed on openldap personally. Since 
I would like to apply in env like that when I grow up. ;-)

Best Regards,

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