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OpenLDAP in Production

I was thumbing through the pages of an LDAP book in the bookstore and came across a paragraph about OpenLDAP, which said:

"...I personally know of people who have done significant testing and prototyping work using these products. However, I know of nobody who has yet trusted them to support his or her business applications. Bottom line: If you want to play with compiling and modifying your own LDAP server, this is a good place to start."

This is discouraging, as I had planned to put OpenLDAP into production, after evaluating eDir and, to a lesser extent, the Sun product.  Aside from GUI tools and docs (which I don't have a particularly dire need for), where is OpenLDAP lacking compared to eDir and Sun?  Why shouldn't I put this into production? 

Interestingly, the author doesn't give an opinion on Linux, and the first chapter in the book was 'Active Directory', IIRC.