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RE: BDB log.xxx Files

Today at 10:23am, Howard Chu wrote:

> > Frank Swasey wrote:
> >
> > > There is a bug in 2.1.12.... it's fixed in 2.1.13 :-)
> I don't know what Frank is referring to, there is no bug in the checkpointing
> code that I'm aware of. Nothing relevant to the checkpoint feature was
> changed between 2.1.12 and 2.1.13. (Nothing there has changed in quite a
> while, really.)

I was referring to the patches that hit back-bdb and specifically deal 
with the log files...  Actually, as I'm researching it to specifically 
reply to this... I see that it was a locking problem... Oops!  Sorry :( 

Got my fingers in too many pies today...

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