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Re: OpenLDAP in Production

On Wed, Feb 26, 2003 at 06:43:47AM -0800, Howard Chu wrote:
> Sounds like that book is very much out of date. It's a shame, Addison-Wesley contacted me a year or two ago about writing an OpenLDAP book and I didn't have time to pursue it. One of these days...
That is a shame I would have liked to read that_book.  
Do you have opinions on 
McMillan Technology Series
"LDAP Programming Directory Enabled Applications with 
Lightweight Directory Access Protocol"
By Timothy A Howes, Ph.D  
Mark C. Smith
I find it so far a long haul. But the hardest trips are usually the most
rewarding IMHO. I was hoping to use OpenLDAP w/kerberos and client certs
authenticating user accounts. So once I understand what is already working
then I can code whatever I need otherwise. (This is perfect IMO.)
> The degree of polish in the tools and docs is somewhat immaterial in the end. You still need to be well-versed in X.500 and LDAP to make effective use of a directory, no matter who the software comes from. You still need expertise or support, but with OpenLDAP you don't need to pay ludicrous per-entry license fees. Bottom line - there are many businesses out there migrating to OpenLDAP, away from Sun/Netscape/iPlanet/Novell/whatever.
I would agree 100% as that is why many are doing it here. As well to 
simply learn. Otherwise this would be simply out of reach to many including
myself. Is OpenLDAP really that bad? I can't answer that. Is it ready
for prime time? I sure hope so as I intend to use it heavily as soon as
I comprehend it. The promise is exciting and that is enough for me;-)
OT - but I could not find where one follows how to setup client side
certs to use with OpenLDAP. Is this somewhere in the FAQ? A url would 
be nice as so far I haven't found one. Much Appreciated.

Best Regards,

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