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Re: evolutionPerson, schema design


"Brian K. Jones" <jonesy@CS.Princeton.EDU> writes:

> Hi all.
> I hope this one is easy. 
> I'm using OpenLDAP, and I pretty much have things working (authentication, TLS,
> PAM, etc).  The basics are done, and I'm now thinking about all the stuff we could
> possibly use this for, and it's a good bit of stuff.
> One thing I definitely want is the ability to support multiple different mail
> clients, so no matter what an end user chooses for his mail client, they can get
> address and contact info from the LDAP server (well - they have to stay within
> reason - I'm not supporting '/bin/mail' or 'mh').
> My personal favorite email client is Evolution.  It even comes with its own schema
> - which is nice - except for one thing that I don't understand:
> I thought an entry could only have a single 'Structural' class - and that you could
> then extend the allowable attributes for an entry by assigning additional
> 'Auxillary' classes.  However, even though 'evolutionPerson' relies upon
> 'inetOrgPerson' - whic is a Structural class, 'evolutionPerson' is *also* a
> structural class, which would break the rule about having only one structural class
> per entry. 
> Can someone clarify this a little?  Have I been misinformed?  Am I
> misunderstanding?  How can I use attributes from both inetOrgPerson and
> evolutionPerson?

You can use both objectclasses, evolutionperson and inetorgperson. 
By the way, in november last year I have submitted a combined schema
for evolution and ldap-abook to the evolution mailinglist.


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