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evolutionPerson, schema design

Hi all.

I hope this one is easy. 

I'm using OpenLDAP, and I pretty much have things working (authentication, TLS, PAM, etc).  The basics are done, and I'm now thinking about all the stuff we could possibly use this for, and it's a good bit of stuff.

One thing I definitely want is the ability to support multiple different mail clients, so no matter what an end user chooses for his mail client, they can get address and contact info from the LDAP server (well - they have to stay within reason - I'm not supporting '/bin/mail' or 'mh').

My personal favorite email client is Evolution.  It even comes with its own schema - which is nice - except for one thing that I don't understand:

I thought an entry could only have a single 'Structural' class - and that you could then extend the allowable attributes for an entry by assigning additional 'Auxillary' classes.  However, even though 'evolutionPerson' relies upon 'inetOrgPerson' - whic is a Structural class, 'evolutionPerson' is *also* a structural class, which would break the rule about having only one structural class per entry. 

Can someone clarify this a little?  Have I been misinformed?  Am I misunderstanding?  How can I use attributes from both inetOrgPerson and evolutionPerson?

Thanks for the help.  Links to RTFM also welcome, though I've done some of this already.