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Testing slave-master replication.

Hi all

My master is successfully replicating to my slave, but changes to
the slave don't go to the master. I'm trying to test as follows:

# ldapmodify -v -f /tmp/replication.log.example -x -D "cn=admin,dc=emss,dc=co,dc=za" -W

where /tmp/replication.log.example starts:

time: 1045755349
dn: oid=ContactPerson_564,oid=Customer_357,dc=creme,dc=emss,dc=co,dc=za
changetype: modify
replace: objectClass
objectClass: top

My slave slap.conf contains:

# For slave
updatedn        "cn=admin,dc=emss,dc=co,dc=za"
updateref       ldap://blommie:9998

There's a transparent proxy listening on 9998, forwarding everything
to 389, where master slapd is listening. I'm seeing no traffic via
the proxy. I can see the master->slave traffic just fine (proxy
forwarding 9999->slave:389). (The reason for the diagnostic proxying
is that I can't seem to get logging to work with metalog, as mentioned
in my previous message.)

Am I right in thinking that the above slapd configuration should
forward changes to the master? If not, how should I test replication
from slave->master?

Jean Jordaan