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Re: Server Testing

tor, 2003-02-06 kl. 14:05 skrev Russell Hires:

> ldapsearch -x -b '' -s base '(objectclass=*)' namingContexts


> version: 2
> #
> # filter: (objectclass=^)
> # requesting: nameingContexts 
> #
> # search result
> search: 2
> result: 0 Success
> # numResponses: 1

> Does this mean that all is well? I'm not getting the answer I expect....


No, "result: 0 success" means you haven't got *any* results.

> Can someone direct me?

Presuming you have the correct base and host in /etc/ldap.conf (or
~/ldaprc or ~/.ldaprc),

cut out the "-b '' -s base" bit. Play around with the rest as your heart

If you haven't got the base and host in /etc/ldap.conf etc:

# Your LDAP server. Must be resolvable without using LDAP.
host whatever.your.host.is

# The distinguished name of the search base.
base dc=whatever,dc=your,dc=host,dc=is




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