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Re: can't connect to ldap server (0x5B)

ons, 2003-02-05 kl. 14:36 skrev Michael Ströder:

> > Netscape 4.7x has no possibility of finding any cert.
> You're simply plain wrong. I already used that together with OpenLDAP 1.x 
> and Domino/LDAP back in 1998.

I'll believe you :-)

> Netscape Messenger 4.5+ can search for the recipient's certificate in 
> attribute userSMIMECertificate;binary or userCertificate;binary when sending 
> S/MIME. Simply hit the lock icon.

My Netscape 4.79 is brain dead. It doesn't have a lock icon, it can't
cope with encrypted connections to my ldap (Openldap 2.1.12) server with
has fully-configured CA/public key stuff and needs 'allow bind_v2' in

But - my Netscape 4.7+ comes from the time when we in Europe had to
accept USA decreed ideas of what was good for us and what was not.
Luckily the Dutch, Australians and Swedes put an end to that.

> It also can send the user-signed PKCS#7 blob to the user's directory entry 
> (containing the sender address in attribute mail) if the user has write 
> access to attribute userSMIMECertificate.

If you say so.

> http://www.openldap.org/lists/openldap-devel/199904/msg00037.html

Interesting. I can see how that might be possible with Mozilla 1+, which
has all the things Netscape 4.7+ doesn't, but ...




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