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Netscape, LDAP, certifcates (was: can't connect to ldap server (0x5B))

Tony Earnshaw wrote:
ons, 2003-02-05 kl. 14:36 skrev Michael Ströder:

My Netscape 4.79 is brain dead. It doesn't have a lock icon,

It has the lock icon in the message composition window. I am talking about Netscape 4.5+.

But - my Netscape 4.7+ comes from the time when we in Europe had to
accept USA decreed ideas of what was good for us and what was not.

Support for retrieving certificates from LDAP has nothing to do whether you're Netscape browser only supports export-grade connection or is a domestic version.


Interesting. I can see how that might be possible with Mozilla 1+, which has all the things Netscape 4.7+ doesn't, but ...

Unfortunately LDAP support is much worse in Mozilla compared to Netscape 4.5+.

We should take this discussion to ldap@umich.edu because it gets off-topic here.

Ciao, Michael.