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Re: lack of ordering support

Jon Roberts writes:
> Why is OpenLDAP so stingy with attribute ordering? In the core.schema 
> I'm looking at (admittedly an old one) I see only 3 attributes with 
> ordering defined, and two are timestamps.

It's not OpenLDAP.  Most of OpenLDAP's schema is taken from various
standards (LDAP standard, Cosine, Microsoft, whatever).  Usually when
people define attributes they don't bother to define ordering rules.
That's unfortunate, but it's a fact we have to live with.

> From what I read, simple numerical ordering isn't supported at all in
> distributions, even though it's listed in the documentation as if you
> could at least use it with custom attributes.

OpenLDAP has supported integerOrderingMatch for some time.  I don't
remember when it was introduced.