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lack of ordering support

In a recent design, I inadvertantly relied on the ability to perform >= and <= searches on an attribute that has no ordering. I searched the mailing list archives and found mention of this, then checked the schema and admitted defeat. This was my fault and I accept that, however...

Why is OpenLDAP so stingy with attribute ordering? In the core.schema I'm looking at (admittedly an old one) I see only 3 attributes with ordering defined, and two are timestamps. From what I read, simple numerical ordering isn't supported at all in distributions, even though it's listed in the documentation as if you could at least use it with custom attributes.

The only theories I have, since I can't find other mention on this as a deficiency, is that either the overhead is really high (I can't imagine why), or the available routines are really poor. If it's just a matter of sticking to the letter of the RFCs, I can't agree that this is necessary.

Jon Roberts