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RE: md5 crypt hashed passwords on linux openldap server

The {MD5} scheme is NOT the same as the MD5 that is in /etc/passwd (or /etc/shadow).  {MD5} is purely an MD5 hash of the password.
{CRYPT} is what you want to use if you want passwords that look like the ones in /etc/shadow.


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	While we are on this topic (I don't know if this the correct mailing
list to ask this question ... sorry if its not) if I try to change the
password of a user using the passwd command it seems to like to put the
password in crypt format in the ldap server so I added the line :

	password-hash {md5}

	From what I assumed is that the password change request recieved from
the passwd program would make the ldap server store the password in MD5
( I have a RedHat 7.3 box and want to maintain the uniformity from
/etc/passwd ) but it seems not to want to do this. Any suggestions ?


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