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Re: md5 crypt hashed passwords on linux openldap server

Branko F. Grac(nar wrote:
This appears to me to be the same issue that I (and quite a few others)
have run across before. The fix was to change the order of things in the
XXLIBS part of the Makefile. On openldap 2.0.xx the way to make this
work is:

         XXLIBS = $(LDBM_LIBS) $(SLAPD_LIBS) \
                $(LUTIL_LIBS) \
                $(SECURITY_LIBS) \

Thanks for the hint, but openldap 2.1.x doesn't define XXLIBS in Makefile at all. However, i checked out crypt(3) manpage, where is mentioned, that you can use MD5 password *only if program is linked with -lcrypt"

...so i set LDFLAGS="-lcrypt" brefore running configure and then recompiled, now everything works ok.

Thanks again, Brane

You just need to tell it to configure script !.

[root@corne /usr/src/redhat/BUILD/openldap-2.1.12]
$ ./configure --help | grep crypt
    --enable-crypt	  enable crypt(3) passwords [no]