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md5 crypt hashed passwords on linux openldap server

Ho there!

I would like to migrate /etc/passwd to openldap server. Schema setup is done, 
users are in ldap directory too. I have problem, if the ldap server runs on 
linux platform, then passwords, migrated from /etc/shadow are not recognized 
(bind fails). If ldap server runs on FreeBSD platform with the same schema, 
then md5 crypt passwords are successfully recognized.

both ldap servers were compiled with --enable-crypt, both have 
password-crypt-salt-format     "$1$%.8s$" configuration parameter in 

is there any way to use $1$8_char_salt$md5_hashed_pass style password 
authentication on linux platform?

I use openldap 2.1.12

Best regards, Brane