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Re: md5 crypt hashed passwords on linux openldap server

> This appears to me to be the same issue that I (and quite a few others)
> have run across before. The fix was to change the order of things in the
> XXLIBS part of the Makefile. On openldap 2.0.xx the way to make this
> work is:
>           XXLIBS = $(LDBM_LIBS) $(SLAPD_LIBS) \
>                  $(LUTIL_LIBS) \
>                  $(SECURITY_LIBS) \
>                  $(LDIF_LIBS)

Thanks for the hint, but openldap 2.1.x doesn't define XXLIBS in Makefile at 
all. However, i checked out crypt(3) manpage, where is mentioned, that you 
can use MD5 password *only if program is linked with -lcrypt"

...so i set LDFLAGS="-lcrypt" brefore running configure and then recompiled, 
now everything works ok.

Thanks again, Brane