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padl migration tools, and where do I get more schemas?

Hi all.

I'm migrating some NIS stuff to LDAP (actually, a lot of NIS stuff), but I'm starting to get errors when it gets down to the 'People' part. First it couldn't find the 'krbName' objectclass, and now it can't find 'mailRecipient'.

I built OpenLDAP 2.1.12 from source yesterday, and I found krbName in misc (IIRC), but now I can't find 'mailRecipient' anywhere. I looked on google, and nobody else seems to have an issue with this (ie, everyone else seems to have it by default). I grep'd through the schema directory, but there's nothing there.

Is there a recommended set of schemas to use here? I'm using core, cosine, inetOrgPerson and misc, all of which came with my version of OpenLDAP.

Any clues greatly appreciated (and hereby solicited).