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Re: padl migration tools, and where do I get more schemas?

fre, 2003-01-17 kl. 16:46 skrev Brian Jones:

> I'm migrating some NIS stuff to LDAP (actually, a lot of NIS stuff), 
> but I'm starting to get errors when it gets down to the 'People' part.  
> First it couldn't find the 'krbName' objectclass, and now it can't find 
> 'mailRecipient'.

> I built OpenLDAP 2.1.12 from source yesterday, and I found krbName in 
> misc (IIRC), but now I can't find 'mailRecipient' anywhere.  I looked 
> on google, and nobody else seems to have an issue with this (ie, 
> everyone else seems to have it by default).  I grep'd through the 
> schema directory, but there's nothing there.

> Is there a recommended set of schemas to use here?  I'm using core, 
> cosine, inetOrgPerson and misc, all of which came with my version of 
> OpenLDAP.

There's no "mailRecipient" of any kind (grep -i) in any of the rfcs
included with my 2.1.10 distro.

OTOH there's an inetLocalMailRecipient in misc.schema that I use for my
system smtp mail aliases. Can't you adapt your misc.schema to include
that instead?

objectclass ( 2.16.840.1.113730.3.2.147
        NAME 'inetLocalMailRecipient'
        DESC 'Internet local mail recipient'
        SUP top AUXILIARY
        MAY     ( mailLocalAddress $ mailHost $ mailRoutingAddress ) )

If you find this a lousy idea ;) visit the Alvestrand site at
http://www.alvestrand.no/objectid and search under 2.16.840.1




Tony Earnshaw

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