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RE: Anyone on this list patient with stupid questions?

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> Good morning, Ian, thanks for the reply.
> I was wondering if, for a moment, you could pretend you are
> talking to someone
> who is really, really stupid, who is NOT a ldaplander, and
> who comes from a
> planet other than Sysadministratia.

While many of the people on this list bend over backwards to help others out,
I believe this query in particular is not a good use of time. OpenLDAP is not
much different from most other software, and the tasks to install and
maintain it are extremely familiar to most experienced Unix/Linux users. If
you don't have enough experience to understand the jargon that's used in the
answers you've already received, then you really need to be spending your
time with a good Linux or Unix book, before coming back to this topic. You
have to have basic competence with the computer system you're using before
you can expect to make any progress anywhere else. This mailing list is for
discussing issues directly related to OpenLDAP; it is not for teaching you
the basic language of system administration.

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