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Is there a DistinghuishedNameSubstringsMatch ?

Title: Is there a DistinghuishedNameSubstringsMatch ?


We have a product that uses LDAP to manage Users and Group, that operates well w/ Active Directory, and iPlanet Ldap Server, but there is a problem with OpenLdap (2.0.x and 2.1.x).

In our group management we use filters such as:

(&(objectclass=groupOfNames) (member=uid=sam,*))

This filter doesn't work since the member Attribute doesn't have a SUBSTR match function. I tried w/ a CaseIgnoreSubstringsMatch but since we compare dn it doesnt handle every cases.

Adding a DistinguishedNameSubstringMatch would be a solution. iPlanet seems to have that matching function, since the above filter works.

Any suggestions ?
Is there a DistinguishedNameSubstringMatch function already existing, is it planned to be releases in future releases of Openldap, or is it agains a RFC ?


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