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Re: Anyone on this list patient with stupid questions?

Well, for one thing, slapadd had a lot to say about the two schema files, core
and rolodapp, that I had selected.

Then the debugging reported this:

slapadd startup: initiated.
backend_startup: starting database
=> ldbm_cache_open( "id2entry.dbb", 73, 600 )
<= ldbm_cache_open NULL "id2entry.dbb" errno=2 reason="No such file or 
Could not open/create id2entry.dbb
slapadd: could not open database.

Which is a true statement. dn2id.gdbm exists, but there is no id2entry.dbb in
that directory. There is an id2entry.dbb in the following folder: 


along with dn2id.dbb, nextid.dbb, objectClass.dbb and cn.dbb

I am going to copy them to /var/lib/ldap and see if that makes a difference.
And, I will ask the question again. Is there a way to reconfigure the database?