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Re: Anyone on this list patient with stupid questions?

> Simply define 3 databases / suffixes in different directories.

Okay, it looks simple, but it is not. I don't think I understand the "suffix"

Under /var/lib/ldap I created three directories: Contact, Commercial and
Professional. I moved the corresponding *.ldif files to each directory and
copied  dn2id.gdbm into each directory. 

I transferred to the Contacts subdirectory; stopped the slapd server _per_the
_instructions _in _the _manual; and, issued the command, 'slapadd -l
Contacts.ldif' in my best Linux voice. The computer replied, "Sorry, Dummy!
slapadd: could not open database." 

P.S. Actually, the "Sorry Dummy!" is my ad lib. The rest is relatively true!